Patented Amazing Wireless Sweat, Water Resistant and Portable Audio Products


One-E-Way, Inc. is an electronic products design and manufacturing Delaware Corporation with offices in Pasadena, CA. Established in 2004 we are committed to meeting the electronic needs of today’s mobile society by leveraging cutting edge technology with the objective of becoming a major participant in the wireless industry, targeting cross platform wireless business opportunities.

Our goal is to provide innovative, convenient and affordable consumer electronic products in the domestic and international market. Our emphasis is on creating solutions that provide performance and value.

One-E-Way’s initial product is a new and innovative, Made in the U.S.A., media player accessory. It is a wireless digital stereo device with high quality sound, designed for seamless wireless connectivity to most portable MP3 player, laptop computer, tablet pc, cell phones, smart watches and other portable audio devices. It provides high quality wireless digital sound that allows the mobile user to enjoy music, movies, gaming and other audio sounds without a cable or cord to limit his/her mobility.

Our wireless digital audio system may be utilized with devices such as, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Android mobile devices, Smart Watches, Windows mobile devices, tablets, portable gaming devices, laptops etc. and serves as a stand-alone accessory for easy cross platform connectivity to existing portable/mobile devices.

As a result of our extensive research and development in the area of wireless communication, One-E-Way has been awarded significant U.S. patents.

Here is a list of One-E-Way’s eight issued United States Patents:

1. 7,412,294
2. 7,684,885
3. 7,865,258
4. 8,131,391
5. 9,107,000
6. 9,282,396

7. 10,129,627
8. 10,468,047